Webinar Corporate Governance - bunch & Fides

What is happening once I signed the termsheet? Understand it all in this webinar in collaboration with Fides.

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​In a first joint webinar, ‘Shareholder Management - Best Practices for Venture-Backed Startups’ Lisa Gradow (Founder of Fides) and Levent Altunel (Founder of bunch) unwrapped how to structure and streamline your corporate governance setup to win back valuable time as a founder or startup C-level. We dove into topics like angel pooling, board management, and other governance-related workflows.

​About Fides:
Fides offers a one-stop shop for corporate governance workflows by digitizing, streamlining, and automating global entity and board management processes helping companies of all sizes and industries to work more efficiently, save resources on legal expenses, and create an audit trail to prove they fulfilled their duties. Fides was founded in 2021 by Lisa Gradow, Philippa Peters, and Vincent Bobinski and is based in Munich, Germany.

About bunch:
The bunch OS is an asset & jurisdiction-agnostic investment platform that allows investors to seamlessly set up and manage investment vehicles digitally while simultaneously providing startup founders professional tools to manage investors more easily. bunch was founded in November 2021 in Berlin by Enrico Ohnemueller & Levent Altunel with the mission to make the life of those who are building or financing the future 10x easier.


Mert Onay
Founding Member

Mert is part of the founding team of bunch capital, the operating system for private market investments. bunch’s mission is to empower those who dare to take risks. Prior to bunch, Mert worked in the Berlin and London startup ecosystems as an operator, gained experience on the investor side at a German deep tech VC fund and pursued a PhD in the Finance-Marketing interface.

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