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Benefit from streamlined investor communication through a single interface and governance that maximizes speed and flexibility.

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Diagram Angel Relations Hub
Icon Efficient Funding Rounds

Efficient funding rounds

Benefit from automated workflows allowing for efficient equity and covertible loan (CLA) funding rounds.

Icon Shareholder Voting

Digital shareholder voting

Manage your angel investors with ease, reduce administrative effort and accelerate decision-making.

Icon Investor Reporting

Secure investor reporting

Move away from spreadsheets and offline file storage, and access our performance dashboard and data room.

How the angel hub works


Setup your deal

Enter data about your round and angels within minutes.


Invite your angels

Investors migrate to your deal digitally in a few clicks on the bunch platform.


Call capital

For equity rounds, bunch takes care of capital calls.


Manage your angels

Use bunch to keep your shareholders up-to-date and simplify governance.


What is included?
The Angel Relations Hub gives you access to the bunch platform. This includes: automated workflows for your funding rounds, digital capital calls and shareholder voting, streamlined investor reporting, and secure data rooms.
What is not included?
Our platform-only solution does not include ‘rolling up’ your angel investors in to a single entity.
How does the digital shareholder voting work?
On the bunch platform, a founder can initiate a shareholder vote. Investors are notified and can review the information and vote digitally. The founder can track the progress of the vote.
How does the capital call work?
Once you initiate a capital call, your investors will receive a notification and instructions to transfer the capital. You can easily track payments made through the platform.
How can I manage my shareholders on bunch?
The bunch platform offers a secure data room where you can safely store documents that you wish to share with your investors.
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How bunch club deals work

Setup your deal

Fill in information about your investment target, your co-investors and tailor the deal terms - bunch generates custom legal documents, creates your investment vehicle and bank account.

Invite co-Investors

Investors sign up into the club digitally in a few clicks - bunch takes care of the onboarding, including KYC & AML checks and investor accreditation.

Track the fundraising & deploy capital

Monitor your co-investor status in real-time and guide them through the subscription process if needed, and wire funds to the target.

Manage your portfolio

Track your investment portfolio, share news and reports and manage co-investors relations on the bunch OS.

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