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Simplify collective investing into private assets alongside your network on a deal-by-deal or multi-deal basis.

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Seamless vehicle setup

Set up Club Deals at lowest cost in a few minutes with our streamlined digital workflows ensuring no steps are missed.

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Simple investor management

Access our investor dashboard, share information in a secure data room and benefit from automated capital calls and digital voting.

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Full ownership and control

Own your investment vehicle, opt to serve as a director and benefit from investing through a tried-and-true legal structure.

How bunch Club Deals work


Create your deal

Sign up to bunch, provide information about your investment target and your co-investors and tailor the deal terms – bunch generates custom legal documents, creates your investment entity and initiates the opening of your bank account.


Invite your co-investors

Investors sign up digitally in a few clicks – bunch takes care of the onboarding, including supporting with KYC and AML checks.


Monitor the process and deploy capital

Benefit from automated capital calls, monitor your co-investors' status in real-time and wire funds to the target.


Manage your co-investors

bunch supports you with accounting and tax reporting – you can focus on portfolio performance and reporting, share news and manage co-investor relations in one platform.

How bunch club deals work

Setup your deal

Fill in information about your investment target, your co-investors and tailor the deal terms - bunch generates custom legal documents, creates your investment vehicle and bank account.

Invite co-Investors

Investors sign up into the club digitally in a few clicks - bunch takes care of the onboarding, including KYC & AML checks and investor accreditation.

Track the fundraising & deploy capital

Monitor your co-investor status in real-time and guide them through the subscription process if needed, and wire funds to the target.

Manage your portfolio

Track your investment portfolio, share news and reports and manage co-investors relations on the bunch OS.


What is a Club Deal?
A Club Deal is an unregulated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) where a group of investors pool their funds to invest in private assets. Typically led by a lead investor, the Club Deal allocates returns among its members based on their contributions if the investment is successful.
How are your products compliant with applicable financial regulations?
We have developed our products together with regulatory specialists at leading law firms in Germany and the Netherlands. Additionally, our unregulated Club Deal product reflects close coordination with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, ensuring it aligns with regulatory standards.
What is the timeline?
The standard timeline is 2 weeks to allow enough time for the creation of the entity including all necessary requirements (e.g. legal documents preparation, notarization if required, bank account setup, tax registration, etc.).

However, if you need to close sooner, please notify our team during the initial sales calls.
In what countries are Club Deals available?
The bunch Club Deal is currently available in both Germany and the Netherlands.
Can my co-investors be foreign?
In short, yes, with bunch, you can easily onboard co-investors worldwide. However, there may be limitations depending on the entity type you intend to use. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining strict compliance with all relevant regulations. Therefore, we cannot accept individuals or entities from sanctioned countries or those that are subject to sanctions. If you plan to onboard non-EU investors, please inform us in advance.
Can I invest in multiple targets?
Yes we also offer multi-deal investment vehicles.
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