Kickstart Your Investor Track Record with SPVs

Build your investor track record with SPVs. Learn how their use can enhance your reputation among founders and catalyze VC success.

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Emerging venture capital investors often face a chicken-and-egg problem.

In order to attract the best deals and the most promising startups, new investors need a track record of successful investments, but in order to build a track record, they need to make investments in the first place. One strategy that can help emerging investors overcome this challenge is the use of special purpose vehicles (SPV).

What is an SPV?

An SPV is a legal entity that is created for a specific purpose, such as investing in startups or funds. By using an SPV, investors can pool their capital together and make investments without risking much of their own money individually. An SPV can be set up by a various number of investors and can include all AUM sizes, from a few thousand EUR up to several millions.

What are the benefits of following a SPV investment strategy?

There are several benefits to using an SPV to kickstart a venture capital investment track record. 

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Diversification: SPVs allow investors to spread their risk across multiple startups. This can help to reduce the impact of any individual investment that may not perform as well as expected.

Relationship building: SPVs can help emerging investors to build relationships with other investors and venture capital firms. Because an SPV is a separate entity, it can partner with other investors and venture capital firms on deals, allowing the emerging investor to gain exposure to a wider range of opportunities.

Flexibility: SPVs allow investors to invest in specific projects or assets, rather than being tied to a broader investment fund. This can give investors more control over their investments and allow them to tailor their portfolios to their specific goals and risk tolerances.

Tax benefits: In some cases, using an SPV can provide tax advantages for investors, such as the ability to defer or avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale of assets held by the SPV.

Simplified reporting: SPVs can help simplify the reporting and accounting process for investors, as they are typically only required to report on the assets held by the SPV rather than on their entire investment portfolio.

Overall, the use of SPVs can help investors manage the risks associated with early stage startup investments while also providing them with greater flexibility and potential tax benefits.

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Johannes Gebendorfer
Strategic Projects Lead

Johannes is leading strategic projects at bunch with a particular focus on the German market and the offerings around funds. Prior to joining bunch, he worked for one of Europe's largest and most active Venture Capital funds, building a portfolio of FinTech companies before switching to the operator side.

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