Converting Hurdles into Leverage: The Crucial Role of LP Experience in Fund Success

With the right focus on ensuring a positive LP experience, emerging managers are poised to create a significant impact.

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The venture capital ecosystem is witnessing an impressive wave of Emerging Managers and Solo GPs. This new generation of fund managers rethinks the way how a fund can be operated. Despite their potential, they face a complex web of challenges. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on these challenges while underscoring the unique opportunity of LP experience as a potential differentiator to larger funds.

Emerging Managers/Solo GPs: The Rising Stars

Emerging managers and solo GPs represent an exciting evolution in the private investment sector. Often first-time fund managers or lone professionals venturing into the field, these individuals bring unbiased and fresh perspectives, pragmatism, and unique industry knowledge that gives them an edge. This dynamism allows them to spot and capitalize on innovative investment opportunities that larger, more traditional firms might miss.

However, they confront a challenging landscape. Managing a fund, particularly for the first time, necessitates juggling multiple roles and a myriad of tasks simultaneously such as  fundraising, deal sourcing, portfolio management, performance tracking, reporting and compliance that are each by itself demanding and time-consuming. 

The Overlooked Importance of LP Experience

In today's digital age, LPs expect transparency and efficiency in their interactions with GPs. They appreciate holistic updates about fund performance, straightforward and transparent communication, a seamless user interface to access relevant documents, and smooth transaction processes during onboarding, capital calls and distributions. A better LP experience can lead to increased trust, higher capital commitments, and a stronger GP-LP relationship in general.

Especially for emerging managers or solo GPs, given their smaller fund size and more direct relationship with their LPs, LPs often expect a higher degree of engagement and transparency, which, if not delivered, can lead to dissatisfaction and mistrust.

However, building such an LP experience requires not only a deep understanding of LP expectations but also the digital expertise to translate this knowledge into a seamless and intuitive user interface. This is a tall order for emerging GPs who already have their hands full managing the core aspects of their funds. 

Digital Fund Management and Administration

Emerging managers and solo GPs are in a unique position to deliver high-quality performance while pioneering a more personalized and transparent approach to fund management. However, it requires a holistic approach that integrates a comprehensive suite of services that take care of complex and time-consuming tasks of fund management, while also ensuring a top-notch LP experience.

bunch enables LPs to easily access fund information, view portfolio updates, and complete transactions seamlessly. This transparency and efficiency not only keeps LPs engaged and allows GPs to build a stronger relationship with them, but also frees up GPs to focus on what they do best - spotting and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities.


The rise of emerging managers and solo GPs is a promising development for the venture capital landscape. With the right focus on managing the complexities and a dedication to ensuring a positive LP experience, they are poised to create a significant impact and lead the next generation of innovative investing. This might be difficult to achieve alone. At bunch, we're committed to supporting GPs in their journey, offering expert services that incorporate our deep understanding of LP expectations and digital best practices. Together, we can ensure a winning LP experience that drives fund success.

Disclaimer: The content presented herein is solely for informational and discussion purposes only. It is not intended to serve as legal, tax or financial advice or as an endorsement of any investment strategy. bunch does not provide legal, tax or financial advice. Readers should not base their investment decisions on the content presented herein or any other bunch-generated content alone and should seek appropriate professional advice. Nothing contained herein shall constitute or imply an offer to sell, purchase or enter into any transaction in respect of securities. The content contained herein is subject to change without notice. While we aim to present accurate and up-to-date information as part of bunch’s content, we undertake no obligation to update our content from time to time.


Mert Onay
Founding member

Mert is part of the founding team of bunch capital, the operating system for private market investments. bunch’s mission is to empower those who dare to take risks. Prior to bunch, Mert worked in the Berlin and London startup ecosystems as an operator, gained experience on the investor side at a German deep tech VC fund and pursued a PhD in the Finance-Marketing interface.

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