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A scout in the venture capital context refers to an individual (or organization) that identifies promising early-stage startups for potential investment. These scouts often work on behalf of a larger venture capital fund. Their role is to discover, vet, and sometimes mentor startups before they attract broader investor interest.

Scouts can come from diverse backgrounds - they may be entrepreneurs themselves, industry experts, or individuals who have a deep connection within the startup community. They use their network and understanding of the market to identify investment opportunities.

Upon finding a startup with potential, the scout will usually facilitate an introduction between the startup and the venture capital fund they represent. If the venture fund decides to invest, the scout is often compensated with a piece of the carried interest (a share of the profit) or sometimes through other arrangements like equity.

Scout programs are utilized by some venture capital funds as a way to widen their investment funnel and ensure they don't miss out on promising opportunities, particularly in the highly competitive early-stage investment landscape.

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