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Co-investors refer to individuals or institutional investors who participate jointly in the same investment opportunity with a lead investor. This co-investment could be in a private company, a real estate project, a venture capital or private equity deal, or any other type of investment.

The concept of co-investing is common in private equity and venture capital, where multiple investors might pool their resources together to fund a startup or buyout deal. Co-investing allows these investors to share the financial risk associated with the investment, while also potentially enabling access to larger or more diverse investment opportunities than they could achieve individually. It also allows for the sharing of due diligence efforts, industry knowledge, and managerial oversight.

The dynamics of co-investing can vary significantly depending on the specific arrangement. For example, the lead investor might be setting the terms of the deal and conducting the primary due diligence, while co-investors might participate on the terms set by the lead investor. Alternatively, co-investors might collaborate more closely on deal negotiation and oversight.

In addition to sharing risk and facilitating larger deals, co-investing can also provide investors with a way to diversify their investment portfolio and build relationships with other investors.

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