From Challenge to Triumph: A Case Study on Motive Ventures

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About Motive Ventures

Motive Ventures ("Motive") is the early-stage investment arm of Motive Partners, focused on pre-seed through to Series A financial technology investments in North America and Europe. Motive Ventures is backed by globally recognised tech entrepreneurs, industry veterans as well as leading institutions and venture investors. Motive Ventures has raised ~$220M and invested in 24 portfolio companies to date. Today the team consists of 14 employees across New York, Berlin, London and Amsterdam. 


Before partnering with bunch, Motive relied on a traditional service provider, where communication and workflows revolved around email correspondences and excel spreadsheets. They depended on their fund administrator for data and information sharing upon request, limiting their ability to independently complete tasks without the fund administrator’s help. Furthermore, their LPs could not self-service and had to locally store their latest quarterly report, capital account statement, or capital call notice.

bunch’s Solution

Initially, Motive transitioned their main fund vehicle to the bunch platform. To ensure a seamless transition to bunch's fully digital, end-to-end system, we employed a customised checklist and a secure data room to access Motive's historical fund data. This process enabled us to accurately recreate and display their entire fund within the bunch environment, capturing a broad spectrum of data, including fund structure, limited partners (LPs), historical capital calls, and past reports. At the same time, we secured access to Motive's banking and accounting systems, facilitating a smooth and quick transition onto bunch. Consequently, Motive's LPs were able to see all their fund-level and personal details pre-filled on the platform, enabling rapid onboarding just by entering their email address.

After experiencing the operational efficiencies of the bunch platform, Motive moved a second vehicle onto bunch, enabling Motive to manage both vehicles simultaneously, as well as supplementary entities (such as team and carry), totalling €200M+ of managed assets across 60+ international LPs, in a unified dashboard. LPs invested across both vehicles could access KPIs, fund information, and other documents with a single login.

Four out of the six available modules which bunch operates came into play in the migration and administration of the Motive vehicles.

Investor Portal: Capital calls are now set up, automatically calculated, approved and sent out to LPs with ease. With integrated fund reporting, Motive’s team and LPs can monitor portfolio performance both on the bunch dashboard and in a classic PDF view generated automatically. With our robust data rooms, all the past and future data is securely stored on the bunch platform and available for the LPs whenever they need it, with both public (available to all LPs in the fund) and private (available to each LP individually) data rooms accessible. 

Compliance Hub: With our Compliance Hub, we ensure that each fund complies with European regulatory reporting requirements, and will remain compliant throughout its lifetime. We proactively handle all aspects of Motive's fund compliance, including regular filings for the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the German Central Bank, the Federal Central Tax Office, and all Company / Transparency Registers. Everything is on autopilot with bunch and our single source of truth of fund and transaction data.

Treasury: With our Treasury module, bunch takes care of incoming invoices and prepares payments for both Motive funds which are released after approval, along with monitoring capital calls. bunch’s platform ensures that Motive never misses a deadline and stays in full control over their transactions. At the same time, payments are categorised automatically and provided with receipts which plug directly into Motive’s fund reporting and Tax and Accounting module. 

Tax and Accounting: Together with the Treasury module, bunch categorises all relevant transactions, streamlines bookkeeping and allows for the instant output of fund reporting-related data, balance sheets and financial statements on the fly. During the migration process, we built a communication link to Motive’s tax advisor who plugged in seamlessly into the Tax & Accounting module and is now part of our circle of trusted partners.


Levent Altunel

Levent is one of the co-founders of bunch capital, the operating system for private market investments. bunch’s mission is to empower those who dare to take risks. Prior to starting bunch Levent worked for SquareOne, a Berlin-based VC fund. After graduating from London School of Economics and HEC Paris, he started his career at Citigroup in public markets and spent a few years in consulting at Roland Berger where he focused on private market investor support.

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