bunch and Atlas Metrics Forge Partnership to Support Impact Investing

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bunch and Atlas Metrics, the next-generation platform for ESG reporting and sustainability management, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is designed to support impact investing by integrating ESG reporting as an important part of investor reporting and ensuring full performance visibility.

Joint Commitment to Bringing About a More Sustainable Future

With a shared commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability, bunch and Atlas Metrics have joined forces to provide comprehensive ESG reporting to investors in line with leading regulatory and non-regulatory standards. This partnership merges bunch's investor portal with Atlas Metrics' tool to break down silos beyond financial data. Together, we enable funds and individual investors to gain full transparency over the ESG impact of their investment activity.

“Our partnership with Atlas Metrics is part of our goal to become the Operating System for private markets while supporting impact investing. With a rising number of funds specialising in impact investing and more angels seeking to support early-stage companies addressing social or environmental issues alongside generating financial returns, we want to ensure that the tech provides full visibility and transparency,” - Levent Altunel, Co-founder of bunch.

“We aim to support all stakeholders - companies, investors, regulators, consumers, and non-profits, in their efforts to foster a more sustainable future. Partnering with bunch, which unites the community of European VCs and angel investors, we want to empower visionary investors who fearlessly support purpose-driven companies,” - Wladimir Nikoluk, Founder of Atlas Metrics

About Atlas Metrics

The ability to measure sustainability performance in addition to financial metrics is key to accelerating the transition towards more sustainable business models. Atlas Metrics was founded in 2021 to make the impact of companies on people and the environment fully transparent. By offering them the tools that make it easy to measure and share the impact of their activities, Atlas Metrics supports an increasingly active community of companies, investors, regulators, consumers, and non-profits, in their efforts to bring about a more sustainable future.


Levent Altunel

Levent is one of the co-founders of bunch capital, the operating system for private market investments. bunch’s mission is to empower those who dare to take risks. Prior to starting bunch Levent worked for SquareOne, a Berlin-based VC fund. After graduating from London School of Economics and HEC Paris, he started his career at Citigroup in public markets and spent a few years in consulting at Roland Berger where he focused on private market investor support.

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