Introducing bunch 2.0: Seamless, Unified, & Digitised

bunch 2.0: A revamped platform for fund managers, angels, and founders, offering enhanced functionalities, insights, and a user-centric design. Dive into a smoother, insightful, and collaborative private market experience. Book a demo today!

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Exciting news for all fund managers, business angels, and founders! We are thrilled to announce the launch of bunch 2.0 - our new platform with enhanced functionalities, comprehensive performance insights, user-friendly interface, and more. Our vision has always been to create a seamless operating system for private markets, and this upgrade brings us a significant step closer to that goal.

Over the past months, our team has poured in endless hours, striving to develop features that will elevate your private market experience. Our goal is to ensure a smoother, more insightful, and truly collaborative platform for all our users. Here's a dive into the major enhancements we've brought to the table:

  • Dynamic New Dashboard
    Stay in control with a clean snapshot of your portfolio and a task overview ensuring you are on top of your investments at all times.
  • Structured Portfolio Screen
    Explore key investment information and manage your vehicles with ease, all within a layout neatly organised by product type.
  • Insightful Deal Screen
    Access all information on your investments, thoughtfully curated for maximum clarity and convenience.
  • Organised Data Room
    Store all your investment-related files in one place, navigating through folders for each investment while maintaining oversight with precise access control. 

  • Efficient Task Management
    Visualise and manage your tasks centralised in one spot, optimising your workflow for efficiency and transparency.
  • Flexible Access Rights
    Collaborate effortlessly by granting access rights in a few clicks at a deal-specific level, allowing others to view or manage your investments.

But that's not all. In our commitment to offering you an unparalleled experience, we've enhanced our infrastructure to boost speed and provide unmatched flexibility. With a keen emphasis on fund products, these changes pave the way for quicker feature rollouts in the coming times.

Want to experience the new bunch 2.0 in all its glory? Don't wait – book a demo today!

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Lena Martin
Product Manager

Lena Martin is leading product at bunch. She leverages her background in HealthTech and FinTech to lead product strategy, always with an eye on user-centric solutions, emphasizing the importance of modularity. Her aptitude for optimizing processes and effective team leadership drives innovation within the tech and investment spheres. Beyond her professional journey, she's a passionate outdoor enthusiast and an avid reader.

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