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July 23, 2024

Seamless Fund Set-Up: How bunch streamlines LP experience for Laton

Seamless Fund Set-Up: How bunch streamlines LP experience for Laton



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Laton Ventures is a fund registered in the Netherlands, empowered by a network of successful gaming industry veterans. The team predominantly invests in early-stage (pre-seed and seed) gaming companies, from mobile to cross-platform and AI-enhanced experiences, aiming to uplevel their portfolio companies with their support. 

Customer Challenges 

Choosing the right jurisdiction: With roots in Turkey, Laton was looking for the right jurisdiction to leverage fiscal policies while ensuring efficiency in compliance for the fund and for all LPs in the fund. 

First-time fund manager: The main issue, as a solo GP, is time allocation and focus – needing to dedicate 100% of your time to fundraising, but still having to deal with the administrative burden.

bunch’s solution

Compliant & cost-efficient fund structure: 

Through bunch, Laton was introduced to funds in the Netherlands. Collectively, the decision was made that the best-structured approach was a tax-transparent Dutch Limited Partnership (C.V.). The set-up is comparable to the traditional Luxembourg fund, without the huge compliance burden, resulting in less cost for Laton and faster time to market. 


bunch connected with all the parties needed, and was able to very rapidly provide Laton with an all-in-one solution – from onboarding to accounting and compliance – the entire process was managed digitally, in one holistic platform. 

Improved LP experience

Through bunch's Onboarding Suite and Investor Portal, Laton was able to keep a consistent overview and LPs were onboarded at a significantly faster pace. The process simply required the GP to provide the name, email address, and commitment of each LP – bunch handled the rest by collecting every piece of documentation and preparing it for admission to the fund.

Accelerated time to launch

Two weeks after the first contact with bunch, Laton Ventures started working with one of bunch's partner law firms, Van Campen Liem. Three months later, the structure was set up and after two months of fundraising – accelerated by bunch's Onboarding Suite – the first close was completed.


Due to the flexibility of the set-up and streamlined by the bunch OS, Laton Ventures was able to have seven successful closes within the first six months of incorporation.
We are happy to get to work with Laton and are excited to support them on their future ventures!

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