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July 23, 2024

Revolutionising Venture Operations: The Power of Digital Tools and Predictive Analytics

Revolutionising Venture Operations: The Power of Digital Tools and Predictive Analytics



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bunch and Tactyc, the leading software platform for venture capital portfolio construction, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is designed to support fund managers along the entire fund lifecycle from fund incorporation to exit, offering digital tools for portfolio planning, fundraising, fund administration and reporting.

Venture capital management is an ever-evolving landscape, and the need for digital transformation and predictive analytics is immense. Traditional methods of managing venture portfolios have limitations and are huge time and money sinks, and legacy systems and approaches are no longer sufficient. Digital tools and predictive analytics are enhancing VC operations along the fund lifecycle.

The Power of End-to-End Digital Administration

The complexities of managing VC funds from investor onboarding & communication, to capital calls & reportings can be overwhelming. bunch is at the forefront of transforming Europe's private markets, developing the operating system necessary for the digital evolution of fund management. bunch provides a comprehensive, end-to-end operating system designed for fund managers, ushering private markets into the 21st century.

The Power of Predictive Portfolio Forecasting

Effective fund management requires constant monitoring of potential outcomes for a portfolio. Capital call planning, reserve allocations, effective pacing and recycling - all require forecasting and planning for various portfolio outcomes. Traditionally, fund modeling has been done in spreadsheet ecosystems which are difficult to manage and maintain. Tactyc provides the first forecasting and planning software for venture funds to seamlessly manage their portfolio management, reporting and forecasting workflows from a single platform in a collaborative manner with the front and back-office.

Merging Predictive Forecasting with Digital Administration

The future of venture portfolio management lies in integrated solutions that merge forecasting with digital administration. By taking a holistic approach, venture capital firms can improve decision-making, efficiency, and investor relations. The benefits of a holistic approach include improved scalability, transparency, and efficiency. Envisioning the future of venture portfolio management with integrated solutions is essential for the growth and success of venture capital firms. The fusion of digital execution tools like bunch with predictive analytics platforms like Tactyc is a glimpse into a future of venture portfolio management that is streamlined, efficient, and data-centric.


The call for digital transformation in venture capital management resonates louder than ever. Modern solutions like bunch and Tactyc are not mere upgrades; they are quintessential for fund managers to stay ahead in the venture capital landscape. The agility, precision, and insights offered by these platforms are indispensable for navigating the evolving market dynamics with confidence and foresight. This underscores a compelling call to action for fund managers to explore and integrate these modern solutions, embarking on a path of digital transformation that is aligned with the future of venture capital management.

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