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July 23, 2024

Growing Together: A Case Study on Collective Ventures

Growing Together: A Case Study on Collective Ventures



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About Collective Ventures 

Founded in 2020 in Berlin by Julian Kappus, Nicolaus Berlin, Cecil von Croy, and Caspar von Hodenberg, Collective Ventures leverages their strong investor network knowledge and entrepreneurial expertise to best support and accelerate founders in their seed and early growth stage. They source and invest in early-stage startups - scaling their own investments by enabling co-investors to tag along.


Collective Ventures started off as a dynamic angel club, carrying out small to medium sized club deals within their private network. Despite their success, they faced a significant challenge: their pace, especially in juggling multiple bank accounts and onboarding many investors manually. To streamline their workflows and operations, Collective Ventures was looking for a solution to significantly reduce their timeline to invest. After completing 11 investments via trust, Collective Ventures started using bunch at the end of 2022 and has since launched 6 SPV club deals via the platform. 

bunch’s solution 

Through the bunch platform, Collective Ventures had the ability to go from idea to investment in two weeks. bunch successfully and seamlessly decreased their timeline to invest, by leveraging contract, capital call, and reporting automations through the platform, providing strong legal templates for the formation of the club deals, and leveraging bunch's partner network for banking, tax, and accounting.

Collective Ventures opted for the full-service club deal structure, including all of bunch’s modules. 

  • Launch Pad
  • Onboarding Suite
  • Investor Portal
  • Compliance Hub
  • Treasury
  • Tax & Accounting

With this, Collective Ventures guaranteed its network an efficient set up throughout the lifetime of their investments - from idea to distribution. 

After strong success and continuous growth, the team took the next step to become a regulated fund manager - where they now do deal-by-deal regulated SPVs through bunch. Here, Collective Venture is again using all of the modules for their regulated structure, as well as the regulated-specific modules such as investor reporting, and is working with bunch’s partners for legal advisory, tax and accounting, AML, and ESG / SFDR. They were able to come to bunch with the idea of becoming regulated, and we were able to connect them with all relevant parties, and leverage partner-pricing, to set up their regulated activities, as well as take on the operations and administration of their regulated deals. This allows them to have all of their investments, from the very beginning, from unregulated to regulated, all in one unified dashboard. 

We are honored that Collective Ventures continues to put their trust in bunch and we are looking forward to growing together from strength to strength.

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