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July 23, 2024

bunch's Optimisation of Fund Administration

bunch's Optimisation of Fund Administration



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Managing funds presents significant challenges for fund managers, especially when relying on traditional service providers. This often involves navigating through numerous email threads and Excel spreadsheets, resulting in communication and workflows that lack automation. As a consequence, valuable time and resources are consumed in managing the organisation of tasks.

bunch addresses these challenges by streamlining fund administration processes, offering fund managers an efficient workflow solution. This includes ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements specific to a fund's jurisdiction, automating the generation of investor reports, and facilitating improved investor communications and collaboration. In the following, bunch will disclose an overview of how fund administration is optimised to ease these daily struggles faced by fund managers.

First, fund setup, fundraising, and onboarding will be further depicted, explaining in detail how bunch provides support from set up to closing. 

Secondly, fund management will be shed light upon, with a distinct focus on disclosing benefits in investor relations, investments, investor reporting, and compliance.


When founding a new fund, bunch facilitates the establishment of the required fund structure and legal documentation from the outset. This is achieved through bunch's legal groundwork and process automation, which covers aspects such as AIFM registration, bank account setup as well as KYC and AML checks.

During the fundraising phase, bunch enables GPs to actively communicate with prospective investors. Fundraising documents are securely organised and maintained within the platform.

When setting up investor accounts and onboarding them to the platform, bunch streamlines this process digitally. This includes automatically generating subscription documents and collecting all necessary information and KYC documentation from initial stages through to the final closing and beyond.


The following section will disclose the variety of tasks a fund manager has to face – and how bunch will offer support to streamline and simplify each process. 

Investor Relations and Communication: Enhancing investor relations by using the platform for seamless communication and collaboration, conducting shareholder resolutions digitally, providing personalised investor dashboards for easy access to fund performance data, and simplifying communication through automated distribution of investor reports and performance updates.

Investments: Managing the investment life cycle involves sourcing investment opportunities and closing deals efficiently.

Capital Calls & Distributions: Revolutionising the way fund managers call capital, from setup, to calculation, to delivery. Every step is designed to enhance efficiency, transparency, accuracy, and security in one automated workflow. 

Investor Reporting: Proactively monitoring portfolio performance and simplifying portfolio updates through automatically generated investor reports distributed quarterly.

Compliance: Ensuring regulatory compliance within the fund's jurisdiction, including regular submission of regulatory filings, with seamless support from the compliance team experts.

Tax & Accounting: Admin and reporting is taken care of throughout the entire lifetime of an investment; tax and accounting is handled with MooreTK.

Streamlining fund administration tasks with bunch provides a plethora of benefits for investors. We, thus, highly encourage fund managers to leverage technology and automation for repetitive tasks and learn how to simplify their workflows to improve their efficiency time-wise and resource-wise.

If you wish to explore bunch for a seamless fund administration, feel free to reach out to us at

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