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Total Commitment

The total commitment in the context of private equity or venture capital funds refers to the total amount of capital that limited partners (investors) have promised to contribute to the fund. This commitment is usually pledged when the fund is being formed but is not transferred to the fund immediately.

Instead, the fund calls for capital from its investors as and when it needs it for investments. This process is often referred to as a "capital call" or "drawdown". The timing and amount of these calls are at the discretion of the fund manager (the general partner), within the limits set out in the fund's partnership agreement.

The total commitment serves as the fund's investment capacity and establishes the size of the fund. It is a crucial figure because it impacts many aspects of a fund's operations, including the management fees charged by the fund manager, the investment strategy of the fund, and the potential returns for investors.

Total commitments also provide an indication of the level of confidence that investors have in the fund manager's ability to identify profitable investment opportunities and generate returns. A larger total commitment typically implies a higher degree of investor confidence.

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