November 25, 2022

Secure your investments

After reading about Assure bankruptcy, we explain how we built a sustainable economical model to secure your investments forever.

Fund Administration

The bunch OS empowers private investors to be their own fund managers.

Through our digital platform, vast integrations and standardized processes, we give our users access to a broad network of service providers including banking, accounting and tax filing next to setting up their SPVs with us. bunch acts as the technological layer to streamline the process which makes setting up and running SPVs 10x easier than the traditional way.

We give you the option to be your own fund manager and govern the legal structures we set up for you.

Our users stay in full control of their SPVs and are the exclusive owners of the legal entities and bank accounts.

Annual Software Fee

Why does it makes sense? Don't fall into the one-time fee trap.

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By offering our services in a subscription model we a) do not impose high upfront fees to private investors and b) cover the running costs of the SPVs throughout the entire lifetime. Estimating the lifetime of an investment vehicle at the point of investment is incredibly difficult, so calling a one-off fee today poses the risk of not having enough money to run the vehicle sustainably in the long run. Through our subscription model, we ensure that our services are always accessible for our users from initial investment to exit - no matter how long it takes.

The two points of fund administration and pricing model are more connected with each other than it seems at first glance. Offering fund administration on auto-pilot with low one-off fees can work - often from a user perspective this seems like a good deal.

However, investors should bear in mind that:

One-off fees are often not enough to keep the investment vehicle running sustainably for extended periods.

Not having full ownership over the investment vehicle can backfire once service providers discontinue their support.

With bunch, we eliminate these risks and ensure best-in-class investment vehicles with legal certainty today and tomorrow. Find out more about our products here.

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