Angel roll-up

Pool & streamline smaller investors to keep the communication efficient, cap tables clean & focus on building a prolific company.

bunch Angel Roll-up Visual
Keep a clean cap table

Accelerate decision-making, facilitate future fundraising rounds & reduce admin effort so you can focus on building your company.

No notarisation requirements

Fully digital setup & execution ensures high-speed deal execution at maximum convenience.

Digital shareholder management

Fully digital voting functionality and streamlined communication ensures agility at all times.

How bunch angel roll-ups work


Set up your deal

Fill out data about your company, the angel investors & deal terms - bunch structures the corporate governance taking on all bureaucratic burdens without any changes in shareholder rights.


Invite your angels

Investors close into the deal digitally in a few clicks - bunch takes care of the onboarding with only a few required documents.


Receive the capital

The angel investors transfer the money directly to your startups bank account, to make sure you receive the capital as fast as possible.


Manage your angels

Use the bunch OS to keep your shareholders up-to-date, share information and vote digitally.

How bunch club deals work

Setup your deal

Fill in information about your investment target, your co-investors and tailor the deal terms - bunch generates custom legal documents, creates your investment vehicle and bank account.

Invite co-Investors

Investors sign up into the club digitally in a few clicks - bunch takes care of the onboarding, including KYC & AML checks and investor accreditation.

Track the fundraising & deploy capital

Monitor your co-investor status in real-time and guide them through the subscription process if needed, and wire funds to the target.

Manage your portfolio

Track your investment portfolio, share news and reports and manage co-investors relations on the bunch OS.

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