Frequently asked questions

Why was bunch founded?

After working in public & private markets, Levent & Enrico, realized that the process of investing in private assets materially has not changed over the last three decades. They decided to do the growing importance of private markets justice & start building the OS for private market investors.

What is bunch?

bunch OS makes investing in private markets easy, cost-efficient & fast - without compromising regulatory & tax compliance. It is a flexible & adaptable platform that works across legal structures, asset classes & jurisdictions to fully unlock private markets for everyone.

What is an SPV?

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity of different types with a single purpose. At bunch, SPVs have the sole purpose of pooling funds to collectively invest in a specific private asset.

Why should I use an SPV?

Lead investors can create club deals to monetize their unique access or pro-rata rights by inviting co-investors to participate in deals that would be otherwise out of reach for them. Founders can pool their investors to keep a clean cap table & lean governance. They benefit from small checks of high value-add angels while removing the need for notarization for them and streamlining the overall fundraising process.

What jurisdictions do you cover?

Currently, we support the creation of SPVs in Germany and the Netherlands, meaning that the lead investor should be registered in one of these jurisdictions. However, co-investors can participate from nearly all over the world, with few exceptions. Similarly, the target is not bound to the jurisdictions.

How are the SPVs structured?

Our SPVs are structured as partnerships or corporations which have different implications on taxation & governance. We offer German GbRs (simple partnerships), GmbHs (limited corporations), GmbH & Co. KGs (limited partnerships), as well as Dutch CVs (limited partnerships) and STAKs (foundations).

What asset classes do you cover?

Today, we cover venture deals and investments into VC funds, but will soon allow any group of investors to easily invest in & manage other asset classes such as PE funds, real estate, crypto (funds), art & collectibles.

Can I invest as a legal entity?

You can invest as both — a private person & with your legal entity.

Who can invest?

bunch users are typically somewhat professional investors. In theory, any legal entity or individual person, who has reached legal maturity can use bunch.

Is there a minimum ticket size?

In theory, there is no minimum ticket size for your investments. But we recommend not investing less than EUR 5.000.  

What is bunch not?

bunch does not provide legal advice, tax advisory services, or investment advice.